• A birth chart analysis and predictive overview: $220.
• An in-depth birth chart analysis and predictive look of the current year and beyond (transits, progressions/solar returns): $275.
• Relationship analysis (synastry and composite charts): $200.
• Astrological Counseling based on birth chart:  (sessions) flexible scheduling and fees (for further information click here)
• Astrology and Ancestral Healing Consults  (sessions) flexible scheduling and fees. (for further information click here)

Please be certain of the accuracy of your birth time and don’t adjust for daylight or wartime if you think it’s in effect. This adjustment will be calculated for you by Kate, so please give her your birth time as it was recorded on your birth certificate or other document. Payment is requested in advance via Zelle, a personal check or Paypal. Readings are via Zoom calls or can be prerecorded MP3s emailed to you. To schedule email Kate at: katharinemerlin@hotmail.com –being careful to spell Katharine with a second “a”, not an “e” as is common.