As befits a transitional time, 2023 appears full of change and contradiction. Most of the major planets are entering new signs, shifting our thoughts and consciousness into fresh spheres. Saturn enters the sign of Pisces on March 7, moving back and forth between 0 and 7 Pisces, and introducing a particularly turbulent emphasis on rigidly held belief systems and the vital importance—or lack thereof—of compassion.  Pisces is equated with the ocean—a symbol of our collective consciousness—which connects all of us in an inseparable, binding unity.
     Jupiter, now in Aries, casts a spotlight on leadership, courage, conquest and the opening up of new territory. But, it only remains in this fiery sign briefly, entering Taurus on May 16th, where it will remain for the rest of the year. Taurus, being a fixed, earth sign, redirects attention to material concerns and stabilization on a very practical level. It emphasizes our relationship to the Earth, to nourishment and to financial security.
     Jupiter will be moving forwards and then backwards (in relation to the earth: retrograde motion), traveling from 0 Taurus to 15 Taurus between May 16th until September 4th, then back to5 Taurus by December 31st. Plans initiated during its forward moving period will, when it goes into retrograde motion, be tested and delayed, especially when it comes to their practical and financial ramifications.
     Mars in forward motion, though, does bring quick results to many endeavors that have recently been pending, especially after it turns direct on January 12. Pluto, which has been in the stern, result-focused, sign of Capricorn—the great patriarch of the Zodiac–  since November 2008, makes its first brief foray into the sign of Aquarius—from March 24, 2023 to June 12, 2023— signaling a universal shift of consciousness which at its highest level is all about the brotherhood of all human-kind and the development of individuality. Having previously (before Uranus’ discovery in 1781) been traditionally ruled by Saturn, Aquarius is intrinsically contradictory, holding a palpable tension between following the rules (Saturn) or marching to the beat of one’s own drum (Uranus). This conflict is likely to become increasingly emphasized as we enter into what’s known as the Aquarian Age which Pluto ushers in.


With Jupiter in your birth sign during the first 4 ½  months of 2023, take advantage of opportunities to expand your world, go after dreams and generally revel in your own ability to do and to dare. Then the focus switches and you will become increasingly caught up in bringing plans into focus and in establishing more financial security. With Saturn entering the most hidden angle of your solar chart in early March, unresolved matters from the past will demand to be dealt with, others’ welfare will be a concern and your engagement with altruistic endeavors will bring much personal and spiritual fulfillment. The period when Mars—your ruler—travels through your opposite sign of Libra from August 27 until October 12th will be all about responding to others’ needs and demands.


2023 will be a time of reassessment and new endeavors. Saturn in Pisces connects you to the world in fresh ways and pressures you to explore options and new environments. Decisions hang in the air, but you should not allow yourself to be rushed into commitments you’re not ready for. With the upbeat planet, Jupiter, entering your birth sign by mid-May and remaining there for a full year, the world will be opening up to you and you’ll be taking pleasure in life and feeling confidant. You’ll be getting credit for your unique talents and having opportunities to expand your reach. This is a year to enjoy, abandon your inborn caution and give yourself a chance to embark on fresh adventures.


The recent and long-term presence of adrenalizing Mars in your sign has added a note of intensity or stress to your life but Mars will be moving on by late May. Increasingly as 2023 unfolds, you will be in a time of resting on your laurels and asking yourself, “What’s next?” Saturn, entering a powerful angle of your chart in March and remaining there for 2 ½ years will be drawing your attention to your public persona and the role you play in the world and you’ll be feeling a need to reinvent yourself. But with Jupiter entering a very private part of your chart this year, the luxury of some private time will also be drawing you inward. It’s time to give yourself time to take stock and also to give yourself a break.


2023 can be quite a positive year for you because, for the most part, the planets are in friendly positions. Jupiter at the top of your solar chart as the year begins, draws the right kind of attention your way and provides opportunities to expand your worldly role. When it next enters the sign of Taurus in mid-May, an expansive emphasis on group involvements, fresh options and friendships is strongly indicated. Saturn, in the watery sign of Pisces, harmonizes with you, bringing rewards for past efforts and at the same time challenging you to open your mind to new concepts which can expand your consciousness. Pluto’s long-term presence in your relationship angle is about to expire, and your personal life is in a promising new stage.


You are on the brink of quite a blossoming period as 2023 begins. Until June, though, prepare the way by connecting to many, reaching deep into your own personal source of inspiration and covering new ground. Once Jupiter climbs to the pinnacle of your solar chart—starting on May 16th—it’s time to claim new territory and expand your influence. Saturn entering the sign of Pisces on March 7th, takes the pressure off close relationships and turns your attention toward shared resources and also delving beneath the surface to more deeply understand yours and others’ behavior. Venus, the planet of love and connection will be in your birth sign from early June through early September accenting personal attachments. 


If life has been a bit frenetic since late 2022, adrenalizing Mars will retreat from the top of your solar chart by late March of 2023 and you’ll be able to take a deep breath and relax. Saturn enters Pisces in March and as this new year unfolds one of your challenges will involve staying centered and not being thrown off balance if others put your patience to the test. Pisces is the ruler of your solar 7th house—the house of marriage and relationships— and it brings a time of learning, growing and restructuring around close connections. Jupiter—the planet of fortune—will enter Taurus in mid-May, which will help to buoy your spirits and bring you genuine inspiration from educational and spiritual sources. It also promotes greater prosperity.


Jupiter in your relationship angle until mid-May promotes close connections and your ability to play a supportive and inspiring role in others’ lives, Then Jupiter will move forward into Taurus until May 2024 which can bring both more financial support and enriching collaborations with others. Your ability to see beneath the surface into others’ agendas and motivations will also be enhanced. Try not to neglect the boring tasks and chores that comprise day-to-day living because Saturn in Pisces after early March will call you to account. Sticking to a healthy exercise regime is also of importance with Saturn in this position. Your creativity will be coming to the surface in new forms early this year.


Tensions and pressures around living arrangements and/or familial relationships are slated to lift off as 2023 gets underway and the amount of attention you’ve devoted to your health and well-being will be paying off. With Jupiter entering your relationship angle in mid-May, close connections of all kinds will be highlighted and your past kindness is likely to reap rewards. Saturn which will be in Pisces by March will be drawing attention to the needs of children and also accenting your own need for more creative and social outlets. Your rebellious streak will be well in evidence with maverick Uranus opposing your sun sign and you’ll be inclined to go your own way and resist pressures to conform more than ever.


Important decisions will be in the air as 2023 begins, not only about your direction but lifestyle matters. And Mars exiting your relationship angle in March will remove certain cantankerous individuals from your environment or at least induce them to change their tune. In 2023, Jupiter, you planetary ruler, will be highlighting social and creative activities until it moves into Taurus mid-May at which point you will become productively involved in new and practical projects which truly inspire you. Saturn, in Pisces, though, will begin to target the very foundation—or nadir—of your solar chart from March 2023 until the transit is completed in early 2026 which can bring added responsibilities involving family members or issues around real estate.


Jupiter in Aries highlights home and family ties as 2023 rolls in and you have been connecting to your roots and giving much consideration to lifestyle related matters. Once Jupiter travels on into the sign of Taurus, though, the emphasis will shift towards creative outlets and self-expression of all kinds. Living life more fully is a theme for you this year—so get out and dip into uplifting pleasures. Your ruling planet, Saturn, will be entering Pisces on March 7th for a long stay and this sets you on a learning curve that challenges you to begin to articulate your feelings rather than holding back out of a fear of being too vulnerable which is something Capricorn’s will always try to avoid. You may also take up new studies that bring you into unexplored territory. 


You are completing a long period of shouldering many responsibilities and rising to the occasion when demands have continued to mount. On March 7th, though, testy Saturn will finally depart from your birth sign and now you’ll begin to reap the rewards you deserve. Bountiful Jupiter will be moving into a key position in your solar chart by May and you will be basking in its confidence raising and joyful rays as it begins to increasingly dominate the scene. Propitious lifestyle developments may be in the wind and personal relationships will enter a more fulfilling stage. As Saturn draws into the sign of Pisces, though, it will challenge you to do some shrewd financial restructuring and to more diligently keep track of your spending habits. 


2023 will be a turning point year for you because you’ve reached a point where you must consider what you’ve already achieved and how it balances out in terms of your deepest hopes and dreams. Saturn, entering your birth sign on March 7th and remaining with brief respites until early 2026, is all about taking stock and restructuring what doesn’t meet your requirements. This year, those Pisces born in February are most likely to be affected by Saturn than those born in March but its presence will still be a stage setter. Jupiter entering Taurus by mid-May will be a brilliant spirit-lifter at the same time, drawing you to new contacts and endeavors and powerfully opening up your mind to the new and untried. This will be a year of learning and growing and every effort you make will trigger rewards.