The influence of Saturn and Jupiter are always vital in grasping the nature  of a given time frame and in 2024 Saturn will remain in Pisces—which it entered in March--moving through the very early part of the sign. This year Saturn will be moving from early Pisces all the way up to 19 Pisces before turning retrograde (apparent backwards motion) most powerfully affecting Pisceans born between March 1st and March 10th, Geminis born between June 1st and June 14th, Virgos born from September 3rd  to September 15th and those Sagittarians born between December 2nd to December 15th (you can add a few days on either side of those dates because Saturn will still have some effect.) Saturn is known as the “Tester” of the zodiac and when it’s in challenging aspects to your Sun sign, as it will be for those noted above, you’re likely to be feeling pressured, worried or uncertain.

     The Sun stands for the ego, or sense of self astrologically and conditions will tend to test your sense of self when Saturn is in the picture.  A Saturn visitation is really all about rising to the occasion and meeting challenges and Saturn always brings rewards when its transit ends to those who take it on. Saturn is also known as the “great teacher” of the zodiac and its effects can be wonderfully strengthening and clarifying, turning you into a more successful version of you.     

     Jupiter—Saturn’s opposite—which generally has the most effect in the sign it’s moving through, will travel from early Taurus to just beyond the middle of Gemini in 2024. Jupiter is considered to be “lucky” and it promotes good spirits, happy results and ease. At the beginning of 2024 it will be impacting many born under the sign of Taurus but moving swiftly through, exiting Taurus in late May.  While it’s in Taurus It will also have an uplifting effect on the other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn until late May.

     Then Jupiter next enters the sign of Gemini, moving back and forth until the year’s end, having a positive effect on Geminis born in late May up until June 14th. Jupiter is a confidence-raiser and luck-bringer and its presence will help to modify the gloomy aspects that Saturn will be casting on many Geminis during 2024.    It will also be making life more upbeat and easy for the other air signs (those born at the beginning of Libra and Aquarius, until the around 14th of  October and February respectively) during the period from early May to year’s end.       

     In 2024, Neptune in Pisces will be mostly impacting Pisceans born near March 19th and 20th, Geminis born near June 19th and 20th, Virgos born near September 22nd and 23rd and Sagittarians born near December 20th and December 21st. Neptune is one of the “higher” planets, beyond the realm of the more personal qualities of all the planets up through Saturn. It symbolizes a level that is transcendent and it tends to dissolve boundaries and on a material level to bring confusion and a kind of fuzziness, or a softening of our sense of self.   Neptune can also be a consciousness-raiser, inspiring altruism and deep empathy, but its influence does not promote doing and achieving in a worldly way.     

     Next, galvanizing Uranus will be traveling through the latter part of Taurus, issuing wake-up calls and breaking up stymying conditions all around. It will impact those Aquarians born from February 10th to February 17th, Taureans born from May 10th to May 18th, Leos born from August 13th to August 20th and Scorpios born from May 11th to May 19th.  Uranus is the “great awakener” of the Zodiac, its action is electrifying and sudden and it can have both positive and difficult effects. It induces restlessness, a compulsion to break free, and to follow our individual paths no matter what the result.

         The most distant and slow moving planet, Pluto, is a huge game changer and its action is to break down existing patterns and then completely revamp them. Its energy tends to be reflected in world events especially and as it’s finally finishing its long journey through earthy, conservative and often materialistic Capricorn and entering the abstract, intellectual, humanistic sign of Aquarius, we are seeing an enormous shift of consciousness going on at this time.  Pluto slips into Aquarius on January 21st but retreats into Capricorn on September 2nd for a last short foray through that sign, then re-entering Aquarius on November 19th until March 8th 2043.