We are all living manifestations of our natal horoscopes which are wonderful depictions of the frequencies or energies that were playing out the dance of life at the moment that we were born.

Katharine Merlin Kate's chart
Katharine Merlin - a Libra with a Sagittarius Moon has been fascinated by astrology since her early childhood and began her study with the magical and renowned Isabel Hickey of Boston at age nineteen.
She first set up her practice in New York City in 1976 where she also studied analytical psychology at the Jung Institute.
Kate has been writing the Town & Country Horoscope column since 1989 and was the author of the Town & Country Yearly Horoscope Guide.
She also penned the Elle horoscope column for four years beginning in 2001 and has published articles in numerous magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Self and the Ladies Home Journal.
Kate also wrote the book, 'Character and Fate, the Psychology of the Birth Chart', (Penquin/Arkana).
She is currently at work on a new book, 'The Private Lives of the Sun Signs.'