2022 General Overview

     Are we really entering the age of Aquarius? Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius all during 2021 emphasized the transition we’re experiencing in entering a new and evolving reality. But the leftover effects of the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2021 still linger as Pluto continues to travel through Capricorn and Pluto doesn’t fully enter into the sign of Aquarius until 2025. 
    That conjunction brought out long developing toxic material—like the opening of a Pandora’s box—and Covid probably was the most devastating physical form it took. Astrologer and cultural historian Richard Tarnas’ brilliant book, “Cosmos and Psyche,” provides an enlightening overview of the way in which various astrological configurations synchronistically played out over the centuries and in 2022 we are still collectively reacting to one such configuration.
    Still, 2022 holds some important developments as the planets move forward, setting up new patterns. Jupiter enters the sign of  Pisces on the 29th of December 2021 and travels swiftly forward in Pisces until it enters Aries on May 10th, surging forward and then retreating into Pisces in late October until it returns to Aries in late December.
    Jupiter in Aries may intensify warlike and aggressive actions since Aries is ruled by Mars—the war god—but on the positive side will also promote bold exploration of new ideas and worlds. It will stir up our competitive sides and give glory to the whole notion of conquest—perhaps in its most positive manifestation in scientific fields.
     Mars—always vital when it comes to movement and progress—will go into a kind of tail spin, entering Gemini in late August and then slowing down and turning retrograde at the end of October. Then it won’t regain its momentum until January 2023, which denotes frustrations around any ongoing issues involving communication systems and controversial ideas.   
     Most important, Saturn remains in Aquarius, emphasizing a theme that has been of great importance during 2021, the concept of our connectedness and brotherhood versus the freedom of the individual. This is partly seen in the repeating disharmonies (squares) between Uranus—(Aquarius’ ruling planet) now in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, but is also somewhat inherent in the sign of Aquarius itself which was ruled by Saturn until Uranus was discovered. 
     This push/pull between the idea of freedom versus the acceptance of responsibility (for ourselves, for others?) played out dramatically in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2021, confronting us all. Saturn is the last of what are considered the “personal” planets, and Uranus is considered to be “supra—personal” one of the planets of higher consciousness. This means that in an evolutionary sense, we must pass through or integrate what Saturn represents before we can dip into what Uranus symbolizes.
     In other words, we need to be responsible and disciplined before we can be free. Those who rebel against practical realities and their societal responsibilities to others are still…in an evolutionary sense—behaving like adolescents. This truth may be one of the major themes in the coming year.

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Saturn in Aquarius for you puts a great deal of focus on your dreams, visions and ultimate goals. Try not to be impatient. Setting new plans in place may become complicated, but you are at an important turning point which heads you in a more fulfilling direction. Jupiter—the planet of fortune—is on your side. It’s time to focus on your vision of your future.


Responsible and steadfast, you’ll probably be shouldering various burdens this year, but you’ll also have a chance to make invaluable connections and forays into new terrain. Your altruism will be coming to the fore even while you’re beginning to do some stage setting for a new era in your life. Finances will demand a fair amount of clever rearranging and thought.


You’ll be able to fulfill various ambitions as 2022 gets underway and you’ll then be exploring, expanding your horizons and covering new ground. With adrenalizing Mars in your birth sign from latter part of August through year’s end, you’ll be plunging into new adventures that will turn out to demand more patience than expected. You are on a learning curve.


Partnerships will demand adjustments on your part this year, especially when it involves shared resources. There will also be an emphasis on your awareness of own personal patterns and behaviors. Be ready to think outside of the box when it comes to exploring new venues and directions. Also be ready to take more of a leadership role and to be highly supportive of those who need you.


Because stern Saturn is still traipsing through the part of your solar chart that’s all about partnerships, you’ll probably be facing some tests in close relationships. Saturn is considered to be the Cosmic school master, so rather than slamming doors, you’ll benefit from being open to what can be learned. Jupiter entering Aries will begin to emphasize travel and adventurous visions quests.


With expansive Jupiter surging forward as 2022 begins, new personal vistas are opening up. Work is likely to be a bit tedious and demanding but your ability to rise to the challenge will bring rewards and with Mars coming to the top of you chart in the early Fall, you will be entering a very active phase. Then, you’ll be in a position to show the world how adeptly you handle complications as well as stress.


Your disciplined ability to maintain a steady course will keep you wonderfully on the track in 2022. Don’t shy away from new and creative challenges. Relationships will have a challengingly on and off quality this year, but don’t be dismayed. Being self-reliant always enables Libras to strike the balance they seek and emotional fulfilment is in your stars by 2023.


With Saturn at the foundation of your solar chart in 2022, issues involving home, family and some kind of restructuring will occupy your thoughts. At the same time, your social life will be brightening up and new visions and ventures will inspire you onward. You’ll also have a chance to get a better grip over your financial affairs which will require some astute decision making as the year winds down.


Your personal and homelife are highlighted as jaunty Jupiter enters a powerful angle of your solar chart as 2022 begins. At the same time, Saturn challenges you to communicate more directly and fully and to make an effort to get your visions and ideas out to those whose support you crave. Much controversy surrounds partnerships and close ties once Mars enters Gemini in late August.


Saturn in Aquarius accents matters involving money, your values and the importance of creating realistic plans. It’s essential for you to reach out to those you’ve been hesitating to contact as 2022 begins and then to start to train your focus on all matters concerning your lifestyle and family connections. The busy work that crops up by September will demand much focus. 


You’re probably feeling somewhat burdened as 2022 begins but you are also entering a new life cycle that involves testing various plans and learning as you go. Jupiter enters Aries in May and your inspiration level is bound to shoot up as new plans and positive developments start to take center stage. Your ability to positively impact others—especially those nearest and dearest—is accented this year.

Uplifting Jupiter will be in your birth sign as 2022 begins and if you follow your visions and reach out to others, you will generate your own good fortune. An emphasis on behind-the-scenes activities may involve you in altruistic endeavors and those who need your support will benefit from your empathic attention. By the Fall, lifestyle changes are likely to become an important point of focus.